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Digital is the future since it is obvious from the current trends in our daily life. Similarly, Gaming Industry is focusing on the development of Mobile Games inspired by real-life sports. Today, you can install & play the games of almost all the famous sports, like cricket, soccer, etc. However, we have noticed an emerging 3D Game, i.e., Wr3d 2k20. And it is purely for the WWE fans to enjoy the tiresome game virtually. It is currently available for Android users only. Therefore, get the APK from the above link.

In truth, it is a mod game, unlocking all the Premium Features for lovers. So, enjoy this video game in 3D format with realistic qualities. For example, multiple arenas, top wrestlers, graphics, playing modes, and other features are handy. The developer has tried to include all the things relevant to realistic wrestling. Hence, you will get the experience of a Live Game. If you are a fan of this sport, then install the Wr3d 2k20 APK. Launch the game and get unlimited entertainment happily. Indeed, it’s admirable, Like PTV Sports Live

WWE Shows come in different formats every week. People can watch it Live on the TV screen. However, there has been a demand for this game digitally. Ultimately, this Android version is available for all. So, let’s see what features it offers to engage the fans.

Features of Wr3d 2k20:

The users have said it is a very suitable & valuable game. That’s why the number of players is increasing at a faster speed.

All Features Unlocked

It ensures the availability of all Wrestlers, Game Modes, Events, etc., free of cost. In short, premium facilities are unlocked in this version. So, don’t worry about the expenses.

Graphics & Gameplay

This simulation-based video game brings HD graphics to please the users. Players, Spectators, Referees, Rings, and all the other parts seem realistic. Hence, you will enjoy a high class of entertainment.

WWE Franchises

The gameplay of Wr3d 2k20 is so diverse that it has included all the top Wrestling Franchises. More importantly, RAW, NXT, SmackDown, IMPACT, Hall of Fame, AEW, etc., are enjoyable.


Famous WWE players are present here. John Cena, Shawn Michael, Undertaker, Batista are a few examples. You can see many others in their actual shapes.

Moves & Skills

Players exhibit moves & skills just like actual wrestlers. You only need to utilize their efficiencies smartly. They use their hands & legs to fight with the frontiers aggressively.

Championships & Battles

Wr3d 2k20 contains 13+ Champion Belts in addition to the 20+ Battle modes. Fans can amuse themselves with plenty of flexible options. So, choose one of your favorites and have fun.

Multiplayer Game

Similarly, arrange online competitions with millions of others on this platform. Challenge them for a specific fight and show your skills. It will enhance your gaming power & confidence.

Other Features of Wr3d 2k20:

It is really difficult to count all the attributes of this game. However, the following bullets will help you to know more about it.

  • Updated & extra furniture around the ring is available.
  • New sounds, lights, and thrilling competitions.
  • Wrestler look-alike to their original existence.
  • Improved texture.
  • Fast loading without bugs & errors.
  • Exclusive game on WWE.
  • Premium characters and other features are open now.
  • Updated & stable version with many comforts.
  • Multiple game modes.
  • Playable on unrooted devices.
  • Free to download & play.
  • No sign-up or registration process.

Guidelines to Install & Use the Wr3d 2k20?

Even low-end devices with 1GB RAM can run this game conveniently. But it is not available on the Play Store since it’s a third-party app. So, follow the instructions if you want to enjoy it.

  1. Grab the Wr3d 2k20 APK file from this page, clicking the Download link right on this page.
  2. First, verify the “Installation from Unknown Sources” and then install it quickly.
  3. Now, you are ready to launch the game. So, touch on its icon and open it.
  4. Give the required permissions and explore its Menu.
  5. Train yourself before joining multiplayer competitions. For this, use the Training Mode.
  6. When you understand the game completely, challenge others to play with you.
  7. Finally, enjoy the best game on WWE.

Besides it, Wr3d 2k20 is a safe & secure game. It is not involved in any malicious activity. Instead, it entertains the users more than a usual 3D game. But it has unlocked the Paid Stuff illegally. Therefore, there can be ban issues. However, it’s not a big deal as it has a good inbuilt system.

App NameWr3d 2k20
Latest Versionv1.640
Android OsOs 6.0 or above


Wr3d 2k20 is the perfect game to enjoy real wrestling in a video game. 3D gameplay successfully presents the game virtually. The developer has set all the environments according to real wrestling. Thus, high-quality creation is appraising. Moreover, there are no hidden charges for any of the features. You will experience the best gameplay in this regard. So, don’t skip it. Download now and play the WWE matches for your satisfaction. If you like these third-party apps & tools, then do visit our website.

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